New Suites with 2-person Jacuzzi tubs and fireplaces.
Announcing the newly renovated Wilbraham Suite which includes a 2-person Jacuzzi and large double-headed shower.

Wilbraham Mansion and The Well Center

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If you are staying at The Wilbraham Mansion and desire Spa Services, consider The Well Canter.
The Well Center believes that "Stress is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional." We are located in West Cape May just four houses away from
The Wilbraham Mansion. When you cross the bridge into West Cape May you feel like you are far away in an old world Victorian town with beautiful beaches. The people that come to West Cape May return year after year. The Well Center is a place where you come to refill your spirit, as you would replenish yourself at a well, or an Oasis.


The following are brief descriptions of the Massages we offer:

Developed over 13 years of massage practice. The Director of The Well has combined Western & Eastern techniques to create a massage that is both energizing & relaxing. This massage flows like a smooth choreography. It is just what you knead!

Well Freestyle
An eclectic 75 minute massage that combines various techniques to strengthen the body and the spirit.

Lava Stone
The Stone is the penetrating heat of smooth river rocks working out tension locked in limbs & back.
The Lava is heated volcanic ash-packed compresses on neck & back loosening tightness for a deeper massage. All together now... aaah!

Hot Lava
One of our most popular treatments - the moist heat of volcanic ash-packed compresses on neck & back penetrates the fascia (connective tissue that surrounds muscle) allowing the therapist to work more deeply while you relax completely.

Deep  Tissue/Sports
focuses on the muscles in a more specific way to help break up adhesions or works on the sport specific muscles using stretching, massage & friction to loosen tight muscles

The most common massage modality in this country, Swedish uses gliding, kneading, friction & vibration to nourish, energize & relax the muscles.

Zen Shiatsu
is a Japanese technique that uses stretching & pressure points to affect the Chi energy flowing through the body. You will remain clothed for this massage.

Myofacial Release 
is the application of sustained pressure & movement on fascial restrictions. Can help release to unwind unhealthy emotional patterns.


Please let us know if you are pregnant & we will schedule you with a therapist that has been trained in prenatal massage. *It is always a good idea to check with your doctor before scheduling any treatments when you are pregnant. Massage is contraindicated in the first trimester.