Cape May FAQ’s

The Weather in Cape May

What is the weather like in Cape May?

Cape May experiences four seasons. In the Spring, temperatures range from 60-78 degrees. The winter can be cold with temperatures ranging from 42-51 degrees. Summer brings on the heat for beach weather and ranges from 78-85 degrees. The fall is lovely with temperatures ranging from 56 - 77 degrees.

All About the Beaches in Cape May

Are there beaches in Cape May, New Jersey?

There are two main beaches in Cape May, the Atlantic Ocean Beach and the Delaware Bay Beach. These beaches have multiple amenities, are open to the public and are available for swimming. Life guards are stationed at the Atlantic Ocean beach from July 1 - Labor Day, 10am - 5pm.

How far from the beach is Wilbraham Mansion?

It is a short 10-minute walk to the beach from Wilbraham Mansion.

Are there fees to use the beaches in Cape May?

Yes, there is a fee to access the beaches from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. Beach tags are $10 per day. You can get a seasonal beach tag for $40, a weekly tag for $25 or a 3-day tag for $20. Veterans, active military and children under age 12 are free. You may purchase the tags at all beach access points or at Cape May City Hall during office hours.

Are there any free beaches?

Sunset Beach is free, but swimming is prohibited.

Is there parking at the beaches in Cape May?

Yes, there is metered parking on Beach Avenue.

What amenities are at these main beaches?

There are comfort stations every few blocks on Beach Avenue. There are also open showers at some access points to the beach and at the comfort stations. You can purchase food and drinks from local, licensed vendors along the beach. You can rent beach chairs and umbrellas at the beach from Steger Beach Service. Guests at Wilbraham Mansion can use the beach chairs we provide but bring your own towels and umbrellas.

Are dogs permitted on the beach?

Dogs are only permitted on the beach during off-season, November - March.

Can you bring alcohol and/or cooking devices to the beach?

Alcohol and cooking devices are not permitted on the beach.

Is smoking allowed on the Cape May beaches?

No smoking is allowed on the beaches.

Can you camp on the beach and/or have bon fires?

Camping and beach fires are not permitted on the beaches in Cape May.

Is there access for those with disabilities at the Cape May beaches?

Yes. The beach patrol provides free surf chairs at the Beach Patrol Station at Grant Street.

Can you fish, surf or kayak on the beaches in Cape May?

During guarded hours, in the 1/4 mile stretch east of the Brooklyn Avenue Storm Pipe, you can fish. Yes, you can surf at Poverty Beach, on Wilmington Avenue, The Cove, and Surfing Beach (Gurney Beach and South Queen (Queen Street). Kayaking is permitted out past the bathing zone (waist high water only). You can launch east of Poverty Beach or West of the Cove.

What is the temperature of the ocean water in Cape May?

The ocean water temperature can range from a low 37-42 degrees in the winter to a warmer 71-73 degrees in the summer.

The Pools of Cape May, New Jersey

Is there a public pool in Cape May?

No, there are no public pools on Cape May. However, many hotels and motels offer outdoor pools for their guests.

Are there any indoor pools on Cape May?

There are two hotels on Cape May that have indoor pools.  The Grand Hotel and The Wilbraham Mansion have indoor pools for their guests only.  Read more about the Wilbraham Amenities and their pool.

Restaurants and Bars of Cape May

Are there bars or pubs in Cape May?

Yes, there are several bars and pubs on the cape including those with live music. Those with live music include: Be sure to check their websites for dates and times of performances and to see who is playing. There are also several great, local pubs in Cape May including:

Are there any fine dining restaurants in Cape May?

There are many upscale restaurants in Cape May that specialize in fine dining and offer a wide selection of menu items. Some of our favorites include:

For more dining options, be sure to review our Food & Dining Around Cape May on our Things to Do page.

Are there casual restaurants in Cape May?

Cape May is the home to dozens of casual restaurants where there aren't strict dress codes. Many don't require reservations and you can read about those in the top 7 Cape May Restaurants That Do Not Require a Reservation. Some of our favorite casual restaurants include:

What restaurants are BYOB (bring your own booze)?

Wineries, Breweries & Distilleries In Cape May

Are there breweries in Cape May?

There are multiple breweries in Cape May where you can taste and sample the brews and purchase the products too.  Many offer tours and some offer food too.  Many hold special events so be sure to check out each of the breweries websites for more information.  Some of the local breweries in Cape May are Cape May Brewing Company, Whale Tale Brewing Company, Cold Spring Brewery, Behr Brewery and Slack Tide Brewing.

Are there wineries in Cape May?

There are numerous wineries in Cape May and they offer tours, and tastings. Some of the best include: Willow Creek Winery, Hawk Haven Winery, Cape May Winery, and Jessie Creek Winery. Be sure to check out the Cape May Wine Trail for even more information.

Are there Distilleries in Cape May?

There is one distillery in Cape May; Nauti Spirits Distillery. They produce Vodka, Gin and rum in different flavors. They offer tours that include a tasting and a gift shot glass to take home with them. You can book your tours right on line.

Activities To Do On The Water In Cape May

Are there cruises offered in Cape May?

There are several cruise lines in Cape May that offer a variety of cruises. The Spirit of Cape May has both sunset cruises and dinner cruises.

You can also go whale watching and dolphin watching with the Cape May Whale Watch & Research Center , Thundercat Dolphin Watch Speedboat , the Cape May Whale Watcher , and Spirit of Cape May .

For fun Tiki ride cruises with a bar and restaurant, check out the Tiny Cruise Line .

If you haven't tried it yet, Cape May Cycle Cruises offer cycle cruises where you and pals can "peddle your boat" across the water.Get a great workout while sipping your favorite drink and getting out on the water.

If you are into bird watching, the Osprey offers birding and wildlife tours; take a tour with Salt Marsh Safari Skimmer Back Bay Birding & Wildlife Boat Tours.

Can you rent boats in Cape May?

You can rent high speed boats from both East Coast Jet Boat and Thundercat Dolphin Watch Speedboat in Cape May.

Can you rent recreational kayaks, pontoons, Jet skis, and paddle boards in Cape May?

You can rent kayaks, paddle boards and pontoons from Miss Chris Kayak & Paddleboard & Pontoon Rentals.

Jet skis are also offered by East Coast Jet Ski and Wildwood Waverunners .

Is there parasailing in Cape May?

East Coast Parasail and Atlantic Parasail both provide para-sailing in the area.

Fishing In Cape May

Are there deep sea fishing excursions?

Yes. Miss Chris Boats , South Jersey Marina and the Starlight Express all offer fishing excursions.

Can you fish on the beach?

You can fish on the beach during guarded hours in the 1/4 mile stretch ast of the Brooklyn Avenue Storm pipe.

Fun Ways To Get Around And See Cape May

Is there public transportation to Cape May?

Yes, the NJ Transit operates buses to Cape May. Check their site for schedules and ticket prices.

Are their bike paths in Cape May?

Add. There are multiple bike paths in the area. Be sure to check out Cold Spring and Middle Township bike paths.

Are there trolley tours in Cape May?

Trolleys are alive and well in Cape May and taking tours is a great way to see the area. MAC Trolley tours provide tours of the area and if you are in town for the holidays, don't miss their holiday tours. Ghost tours bring in lots of tourists so put it on your bucket list.

Is there rail biking in Cape May?

If you haven't tried this yet, you don't know what you are missing. Rail biking is taking the country by storm and is a fun way to see an area and get a workout at the same time. Revolution Rail in Cape May offers rail biking. Check out their website for pricing and schedule.

Can you rent golf carts to get around Cape May?

For a fun way to get around town, you can rent a golf cart from Cape May Carts or Pedego Electric Bike .

Can you rent bicycles and E-bikes in the area?

You can rent electric bicycles from Pedego Electric Bikes here in Cape May.

Does Wilbraham Mansion have bicycles guests can use?

Wilbraham has complimentary bicycles for guests to use.We provide bike locks too.

Are there horse drawn carriage rides in Cape May?

Yes.You can see the town on a rented horse drawn carriage ride from Cape May Carriage Company.

Are there air tours of Cape May?

Yes, NJ Warbirds offer rides on restored WWII era plans.You get to see all of Cape May from the air.

Is there skydiving in Cape May?

Yes, there is skydiving available in Cape May.If you are brave enough, check out Sky Dive East Coast and you'll get to see all of Cape May as you fall through the air!FUN!

Spas and Salons In Cape May

Are There Spas and Salons In Cape May?

Cape May is home to several day spas including The Well Center for Massage, Cape May Day Spa and Sea Spa.  Be sure to check their websites for services provided, days and times of operation and pricing.  There are also two hair salons in town, Accent on Beauty and Hidden Beauty Salon.

Gyms, Fitness Centers, Yoga & Pilate Centers

Are there yoga classes available in Cape May?

There are a couple of yoga studios in Cape May where you can take drop in classes and more. Check their websites for hours of operations and fees. We recommend Cape May Yoga and Balance Pilates & Yoga Studio in the area.

Are there Pilates studios in Cape May?

You can take Pilates sessions at Balance Pilates & Yoga Studio here in Cape May. Check their website for rates and hours of operation.

Are there gyms or fitness centers in Cape May?

The North Beach Healthy Club of Cape May provides a full gym and many classes. They also allow for drop-ins. Check out their website for details.

Historic Sites In Cape May

Are there historic sites tourists should visit while in Cape May?

Cape May has the Historic Cold Spring Village which is wonderful to visit. Other historic sites in the area include the World War 11 Lookout Tower, Cape May LightHouse and the Emlen Physick Estate.

What else should I know about Cape May?

To learn more about Cape May, be sure to stop by the Welcome Center at 609 Lafayette Street. They offer more detailed information about the area.

Parks, Farms And Wildlife In Cape May

Are there farms in Cape May?

Cape May is home to both the Garrett Farm Preserve and the Beach Plum Farm. Garret Farm is a haven for migrating birds, raptors, bumblebees and butterflies and is open to the public year round. Visitors can enjoy the Braille trail and its accompanying audio tour. Check out the website for more details.

Beach Plum farm is a working farm and provides guided farm tours which include their kitchen garden and animals. It is also a venue for weddings and events and features wonderful dinner events all year long. Check out their website for details.

Is there wildlife in Cape May?

You can see wildlife all around Cape May. Higbee Beach Wildlife Management Area has 1,100 acres and offers a unique blend of habitats including dune, forest, scrub-shrum and early successional fields. Hunting is allowed, but not until the Monday after the six-day Firearm Deer Season each year.

Salt Marsh Safari on the Skimmer Back Bay provides birding & wildlife boat tours, as well as, crabbing trips in the area.

The Wetlands Institute all provide tours, information and more regarding the wildlife of New Jersey.

There is also a Nature Center of Cape May that is open and has events April 1 - June 15.

Are there many parks in Cape May?

Cape May is the home to multiple parks including Rotary Park which is a year round destination for outdoor concerts. Fisherman's Memorial Park, Wilbraham Park, Harbor View Park, and Soldiers and Sailors Park all offer something unique and all offer a nice retreat from the local beaches. Whether it is walking paths and benches, or small monuments and gazebos, all are worth a visit.

Kiwanis Community Park has a duck pond, gazebo, picnic area, and playground with lots of green space for running and playing.

Cape May Diamonds

What are Cape May Diamonds?

Cape May diamonds are quartz pebbles found on the beaches of Cape May. The pebbles are sometimes collected, cut and polished to resemble diamonds, then sold locally as souvenirs. Cape May diamonds are usually collected by beach combing and are most abundant at Higbee (sometimes, Higby's) and Sunset beaches in Cape May.